Our Mission Statement

“It’s not just a store, it is a mission,” A beautiful and inspirational Catholic gift shop along Route 6 in Mahopac. “The mission always comes first…. Our store has been open for nineteen years, the first ten years in Somers and nearly nine years in Mahopac. “We were a hidden gem in Somers, you had to look for us“so we had to decide to come out into a place that was highly populated and with a lot of traffic. People are still getting used to us.”

Sacred Heart is an extension of the Church itself. Catholics curious about their faith, especially as they consider imparting it to their newborns. “The baptisms are a special time where parents start to learn about their faith and their heritage. We have had the honor of dressing and preparing the same child for baptism, communion and confirmation It has become a “Community Store”.

The sounds of Gregorian chant and hymns play softly in the background, the walls are decorated with religious art, and the shop is filled with books, statues, jewelry, rosary bracelets, 14 Karat Gold, silver and the most beautiful clothes for baptisms and first communions. It’s no wonder that some customers come in just to lower their blood pressure. “The store has an effect on people young and old.

The store is constantly being restocked to reflect the different liturgical seasons of the Church and the needs of its members. We are excited about adding a cart to our web-site for our customers not only to be able to visit us but now also order online.

We carry crèches during Christmas, an incredible amount of clothing and accessories in the spring for first communicants, and vestments, chalices and church supplies year round.

Running her store is a blessing in itself. Once Grace had a little girl who was trying on shoes for her communion gown. The girl whispered in her ear “What’s it like working for God? “It’s very good,” Grace said.